Lilly Jet bracelet

SFr. 352.83
The Jet bracelet with silver rollers runs smoothly over the wrist, the Lilly pendant playfully completes the bracelet.

For a glamorous appearance, we'll pull sapphire rollers into the bracelet instead of silver rollers.

Product details:

  • 925 Sterling silver
  • Material: Jet (olive shaped)
  • Length: approximately 18 cm

Jet or Gagat - A fossil wood derived from mud embedded trees that decayed under extreme pressure. Due to its good carvability, Jet was used to craft jewelry and objects already in the pre-Christian period. 
Beotius, the personal physician of Caesar, ascribed Jet even a whole lot of healing properties. It should protect against "the evil eye" or cure epilepsy and toothache.
The heyday of Jet jewelry was in the Victorian era before the jet deposits became rare.

We like to revive the time!

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