Bracelet STEINLINS Blue

SFr. 352.83

Stone bracelet with 925 sterling silver rollers for men.

The beautiful natural coloring of the stones makes this bracelet very special.

The "Take it easy" stone, dumortierite, gives a positive attitude to life, inner peace, harmony and provides as well as balance.

The 925 sterling silver cylinder, in the center, with the STEINLINS symbol gives it an elegant style. This bracelet looks fantastic on its own or stacked.

Product Details:

  • 925 sterling silver

  • Silver element: two blackened square rollers and one STEINLINS roller

  • Stone: dumortiorite

  • Color: jeans blue with gray/black structure

  • Size approx. 20cm

Since this is a natural product, each bead is different and unique structure.

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