Bracelet Liv

SFr. 519.96

For our charm bracelet Liv we have deliberately chosen meaningful symbols that are related to personal life.

First and foremost the wind rose or also called compass rose. It has been used by sailors since the 14th century and shows them the wind direction. It represents the search for orientation in turbulent times or a new direction and symbolizes freedom and courage to go one's own way.

The lying 8, the Infinity sign stands for infinity (lemiskate) and means eternity. The word "infinity" comes from the Latin "infinitas" and means "boundlessness". Today it often embodies an intimate relationship we have with an important person.

The shamrock is a world symbol and the symbol of happiness par excellence! It belongs to the mysterious, magical plants, which is supposed to give luck to the finder and protect him. The Druids especially appreciated the three-leaf clover, as the leaves symbolize the natural kingdoms of earth, water and sky.

Product Details:

  • 925 sterling silver
  • Length: cm

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