Raffia Drops N°2 hanger

SFr. 501.39

Our Raffia hangers are unique and limited in its edition. Each intricately hand-carved African nut brings out another unique design.

Because they are slightly different on both sides, they are reversible, wonderfully light and barely noticeable.
Product details:
  • 925 sterling silver
  • Material: raffia
  • Size 21 x 13,5mm
  • Price excl. Stud earrings (pictures serve as inspiration)
Raffia nut
In the tropical forests of Madagascar and on the islands of the Indian Ocean a rare palm tree grows. - the raffia palm (raphia). Although not much is known about their genus and its species, but one knows one thing: it has the longest leaves in the world.
From the core of the nut is a piece of jewelery with a dull shine and a grain that resembles a perfect blend of ivory and burl.

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