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Two generations. 
One passion.

More than 42 years ago, Beatrice Sponagel-Steinlin laid the foundation for a renowned jewelry shop www.steinlin-zuerich.ch. Until today, she relies on uncompromising first-class design, which is interpreted in a variety of ways at her own workshop in Zurich. The name has always stood for quality and distinctive design.


The "s" after Steinlin(s) originated through our partnership, many new ideas and our passion to offer beautiful designs and objects that are not only reflected in jewelry. In the near future, we would like to design and offer unique pieces, selected objects and accessories, and open this  exciting world to everyone.


With this online shop, I want to make it possible for everybody who have not yet had the opportunity to visit the elegant business of Bea, to have a deep insight into her creative work. Immerse yourself in a surprising world of jewelry and let yourself be seduced! 

Fabienne Sponagel           Beatrice Sponagel-Steinlin


My first bracelet was "Emma". I immediately fell in love with the high-quality piece of jewelry. It felt indescribably good, I could wear it to everything and I wanted more of this refined and simple design, more of this good quality and uniqueness. That's why I would like to enable that more people can get to know and feel the silver jewelry from steinlin. For this reason, this online shop was created.

My second piece was an individual customized edition, very similar to the Lilly necklace. Why am I telling you this? It is important for me to share my enthusiasm for individual yet affordable jewelry and open up a new world for you to discover.

In short, objects that you fall in love with in an instant are far too rare! I wanted to remedy that and seduce you into a world of jewelry that stirs emotions and conveys values.

Let yourself be carried away by our  Bellezza collection, let yourself be surprised by the Pietra collection and our men's jewelry, or simply be enchanted by our kids world! My Steinlins. My lifestyle.

Fabienne Sponagel


Quality and uniqueness are our top priority. Our goal is to put the individual beauty of the human being at the center of our products. Our travels together are a source of inspiration where we're collecting new ideas and bring rarities home with us. Our shop is for for everybody that enjoys aesthetics and is looking for the individual and personal touch.

Our jewelry is made in small quantities. If your desired piece is no longer in stock, you can always send us a request to  info@steinlins.com. Our delivery lead time is about 4 - 6 weeks.

The collections can also be viewed and purchased in our shop at Kuttelgasse 15 in Zürich. We look forward to your visit!

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