Bracelet Cherry Amber thin - NEW!

SFr. 240

Amber bracelet

NEW!! Smaller beads!

To the original bracelet here.

The Cherry Amber bracelet almost goes down in STEINLINS history!

Now the Cherry Amber bracelet is also available with slightly finer beads ;)

About 4 years ago Bea brought us all an amber bracelet from our amber specialist from a business trip as a gift. The "present" turned out to be a very constant companion that we can't imagine doing without and it goes especially well with our silver bracelets.

We always get many compliments and requests, now we have the bracelet exclusively for you on rubber! The bracelet is very easy to wrap a few times around the wrist!

Product details:

  • Amber, deep cherry ca. ø 5,2 - 5,5mm

  • Total length: short 70cm, long 75cm (model wears the short one)

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