Birthstone Bangle "Forever Together

SFr. 160

Personalizable 925 Sterling Silver Bangle - add the stones of your loved ones!

Our sterling silver bangle is a unique piece of jewelry that you can personalize. Add the stones of your birth month and your loved ones and carry them with you always.

This bangle is also perfect as a gift to give your loved one.

-> We need at least 2 weeks time to complete your unique color code. Please add the order of the stones in the comment box.

Product Details:

  • 925 sterling silver

  • Profile: 4,2 x 2,2mm

  • Inner diameter 48 x 62mm

  • Birthstones: choose up to 12 stones

If you would like to know more about what your special stones reveal, we have selected an article from Harpers Bazaar: WHAT YOUR BIRTHSTONE REVEALS ABOUT YOUR PERSONALITY

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