Little amber necklace

SFr. 280

Big for our little ones. Amber jewelry has always been a natural remedy for toothache. Protective, this little unisex amber necklace helps our little sweet honey's to relieve toothache. The perfect companion for our little boys and girls.

Decorated with the engraved magnetic clasp "little sweet honey", each necklace is carefully made by hand.
A perfect gift for anyone who wants to help their little ones.
Product details:
  • 925 Sterling silver
  • Material: Amber Ø 5,5- 6 mm
  • Colors: yellow or deep cherry
  • Length: 35 cm

Amber is not a stone. Amber is a fossil resin derived from different trees. Already ancient people have worn amber as jewelry. It has always been considered a protective stone and for many centuries amber is attributed to healing powers that promote well-being.

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