Mammoth Drops hanger grooved

SFr. 750

Due to the climate-induced decline of the Arctic ice, new resources of mammoth tooth are constantly being discovered. Mammoth tooth, a fascinating material, has been trapped in ice or frozen soil for many thousands of years. We have made it our mission to turn the rediscovered and authorized goods into jewelry. Let yourself be inspired by this ancient, beautiful material.

That's why our mammoth hangers are high on my favorite list. Something unusual, but still for everyday life. Loosely worn to jeans and T-shirt, but just as elegant to a breezy summer dress.
Product details:
  • 925 Sterling silver
  • Material: mammoth
  • Length: 26 x 13,8 x 13,8 mm

For the completion of the hangers please allow 2-3 working days after ordering.

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