Sandalwood Guardian Lions

SFr. 430.00

Our sandalwood guardian lions are unique and carved with a lot of love. In Chinese tradition, these beings guard the entrances of houses and temples. Lions are supposed to have the power and strength to keep away bad influences of any kind.

Who does not like to be protected? These miniatures will serve as a fun companion and decoration for your home.

Product details:
  • Material: Laoshan Sandalwood, hand carved
  • Length: 55 mm
  • Height: 35 mm

Aromatic smelling wood originating from the sandalwood tree and from other tropical trees is used particularly for carving and for turning work.

Sandalwood embodies a mysterious beauty and has a warm, velvety scent which is reminiscent of the Orient, of ancient cultures, endless landscapes, and much more. Thanks to its unmistakable fragrance, is also highly valued in the perfume industry.

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